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October 24, 2018 – Push & Pull 

Push & Pull eBook Cover w_ Text.png


Brent Cameron has been dreaming about a road trip around Lake Michigan for years. When his best friend, Nathan, ditches him to spend the summer with his boyfriend, Caleb, Brent is pissed. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, he reluctantly agrees to take Caleb’s best friend, Lowell Prescott, instead.

Brent is a former hockey player and recently out of the closet. Lowell is an in-your-face gay guy who rebels against the limits people put on him. Tempers fly and sparks flare as they hit the road, which leads to a hot night they both regret in the morning. Despite the rocky start, Brent and Lowell slowly begin to realize they have a lot in common. As the miles disappear behind them so does their animosity. Casual hook-ups aren’t Brent’s thing, and Lowell doesn’t do relationships, so they agree to focus on their friendship.

By the time they make it to the shores of Lake Superior, their feelings have deepened past simple friendship, but neither of them have the guts to admit it. When the past intrudes, will it derail the trip and the possibility of a relationship?


“The whole experience, huh?” Lowell licked his lips. “That sounds promising.”

“You really shouldn’t say stuff like that if we’re supposed to be keeping our hands to ourselves,” Brent teased. He shifted to face Lowell.

“I probably shouldn’t,” Lowell agreed. His heart was beating awfully hard in his chest for some reason. “But you know how much I like pushing boundaries.”

Brent swallowed audibly. “Yeah, I do.”

“Maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing if we broke a rule. Or two.” They were close now. Close enough Lowell could touch his lips to Brent’s if he leaned in a little. He could smell the sweet chocolate on his breath. He wanted to taste it on Brent’s tongue.

“Maybe not.” Brent sounded a little hoarse.

“And maybe last time was for the wrong reasons.”

“This time wouldn’t be?”

Lowell shook his head. “No.”

The last time had been because he was drunk and lonely and pissed at his parents. Right now, the only reason was because he wanted Brent.

“Then what are we waiting for?”

Brent reached out, skimming his thumb against Lowell’s cheek. His eyes half-closed, and he leaned in a little. He held his breath, waiting for Brent to close the distance, but the sound of children hollering and laughing nearby broke through the quiet moment, and Brent pulled back with an annoyed sounding sigh.

“Privacy,” Lowell said drily. “I think we’re waiting for privacy.”

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